Welcome to Mr. Impatiens and thank you for taking a look at my website dedicated to the cultivation and preservation of the species Impatiens. I hope you will find it both informative and enjoyable.

Impatiens are highly endemic and with their native habitats disappearing, many are in danger of extinction or have met that fate already. Slowly, but surely, many are making it into cultivation but they need the help of people to save them - conservation through cultivation.

Only a few species of this family are widely grown--namely Impatiens walleriana, I. balsamina and, I. hawkeri (ie. New Guinea Hybrids). It seems strange that impatiens (also called balsams) are one of the most popular garden annuals in the world, Impatiens walleriana being number one seller; yet so few of the approximately 1000 species are grown.

On my website you will find many links listed above which will lead you on a discovery of these wonderful plants. My main purpose is to introduce more species into cultivation and the encouragement of others to learn and grow more of them.

This website was setup as an effort to educate the public and is purely informational and not-for-profit.